What is IceCold?

IceCOLD® is a revolutionary breakthrough synthetic catalyst solution which is added to your cooling system’s refrigerant. Your system uses less energy, because the compressor runs less (shorter cycle times). This extends the air conditioning system’s life. There are many applications for automotive, commercial, industrial and residential.

Removes Oil-Fouling

IceCOLD® removes oil-fouling, thus improving coil heat transfer and delivering colder air faster. It also delivers 54% higher lubricity to compressor oil (according to an SAE lab report) and makes bearings and moving parts last longer.*

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Green Technology

IceCOLD®is an environmentally friendly synthetic catalyst that, when added to an air conditioning or refrigeration system’s compressor oil, increases efficiency and saves money. It provides colder vent air that cools off any space faster and more economically.

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Energy Efficiency

IceCOLD® not only reduces your total annual electric bill (of which 60% is for cooling), but for each 1,000 KWH of electricity not used by your equipment, the U.S. Department of Energy states that 1,341 pounds of CO2 are not released into the environment.

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